what the crap

dear all, well today I am going through a 'what on earth' momment so many times, this is not that funny, but yea. basically everyone was very stoned today, I am stressed because I am in a way too free and nothing to do. but that's not the point..

I hate the fact that I am working here. it is so meessy, the only time the job comes in is when the bosses comes in and they brought like so much accounting job and their job push to become mine. what the heck. I have to call their owner, their boss? what happend in between I also have no idea but just to call..

I will NEVER become an real estate agent, it is full of lies and phony crap. well today is not my day as to i got scolded for giving the firemen the boss number? what the crap? yea so what the heck right, he say something, my mom say another thing, they are confusing me too much on what to do.. feel like shooting everyone.. they are like teaching me how to live life.. am I that stupid? i know how to live life.. Hello? this is a dog eat dog world... even your own mom would eat you... when i comes to money...

RIght now I am surviving on a few dollars until my paycheque comes out.. then I would have to survive with little money, I am going to eat capati everyday as it is quite filling plus it is cheap yea not that nutrition well for what I Care? i need to save up man... this is a crappy world man but for many of us who don't realise how bad shape i am even when I am free... this is how.. crappy the world is.. well goodbye world...

and then, i suggested for someone new to play in church because i need air to breathe but yea that was turned down... so yea.. what the crap

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