stress from nothing

Wow, I am so free yet didn't blog, that's because I am free and so therefore there is nothing much that I can blog about... LOL

ok now RELAXation has turn into BUMming and it is turning into STRESS and ANXIETY for not working, I get stressed out becauce of various factors,

1) my home always have people, like they are all bumming around -_- that is really making me stress man..

2) people keep asking me when you gonna work, when you having a job? I know you're all concern and caring, but really you don't have to ask so many times, it is really stressing me up, right now I am just waiting for calls from companies to see if they wanna hire me

3) I see my friends always complaint about work, how boring is work, how their workers treat them how much work they have in hand and how hard it is, well thank God you at least are employed... really, it is better than bumming around, at least for me.. bumming around and sucking my parent's money, how bout that?

yea so that's it, stress.... stress.... stress.... oh what the hack

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angeliCassie said...

chill bro john...don't stress out...i don't mind switching places with you lol...ok patience yea?patience is virtue =)