7 goods

For the past one week, I have experience some good things, probably I chose to feel good while I am bad. or probably due to that hard corporate CD that I've been working on. hmm

So how bout 7 good things that happen huh.. I think hard and long for this

1) met a lot of clients
- Rockwills (they like the work on the corporate CD)
- LeMeridien & Hilton (very nice place, stupid that I ordered warm water)
- Hospis (hmm seeing how they care for terminal cancer patients really touch my heart)

2) getting better at css
- Even though it still take me a long time
- I hope my wordpress blog can be up next month, finger crossed

3) GRYP cd
- Finally got it out after months of delaying it.
- Sad that no one really wants to buy that, even almost cost price of RM5.
- Those who buy, thank you. help me cover some of my loses.
- Still glad that it came out.

4) code red
- In midst of still authoring the disc.
- Exited that I learned a new program
- Other information disclosed

5) watched 300
- revolutionary show
- very graphical thanks to frank miller

6) Almost finishing Dragonball
- So I am old school... so?
- Couldn't remember if I have read the entire book before
- Feels like I skip a lot of book but some how read the end
- Still think story moves too fast

7) My name appeared in photojojo
- yea sure.. its nothing big, but hey I contributed something at least
- I love the site
- find me find me in photojojo

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Vicki said...

You write very well.