re: not superman

I got a lot of unexpected result from my not superman post. It is a good thing then. Thank you everyone for your support over the couple of days during the week..

I hope to get over this matter over the weekend. I really am quite confuse myself of what I am feeling... just mix feelings I guess.

Is the socializing part that you are tired I guess.

Actually, I am just tired from not having my own personal time, situation didn't help for the past few days actually. Every night is filled with activity and I reach home almost midnight every day. I'm being stress by all the back dated (personal) work that I have to do. It just keep piling up.

That's part of life I guess. Being able to balance Family, Church Friends, Other Friends, Church, Work Colleagues and Girlfriend. Week days I have to do all of the above.

Come weekends hmmm ...

Amidst all that, I am still trying to find a life of my own. I want to have time to do stuff. that can only mean sacrificing something else. probably weekend outings... I don't know. I still have yet to work out a good plan yet.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

On the other hand, looking for $$$RM is hard. Now I know why people chase after career, chase after fortune. Because they can't stand not have enough $$$. I hope I don't end up chasing after it. Even though I been thinking a lot about it.

Every month I manage to buy a wedding table (in a cheap chinese restaurant cum kara-okay) That's how much I've save up. so either I save more, wait till I'm 60 years old or get rid some of my friends (why do you think I am always unfriendly to new people?)

Today, I am finding a new road, to skip the money sucking toll in puchong. I don't know, I've found a road from Google Earth don't you just love google (I also suspect that they will be the antiChrist... More research needed, any investors?) ;) back to where I left off. I hope I'll find it (the road) and hope they are not those fuzzy inland long a road so I can save hopefully a dollar in RM of course.

Any other plans? hmm I've found some interesting thing while browsing through, I am saving more to buy them. My shopping list. They are rather expansive -_-! I don't know, hope I can pull off some tough trick like eating roti kosong for lunch and dinner and get sick by the time I'm 40. HAHAHA

alright, off to road hunting. This is going to be fun, last week I tried without google earth, I ended up quite far from civilization. @_@


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