This is my 2nd time flying with Air Asia, My 1st experience wasn't that bad since its only a 40 Minute flight. This is a whole new experience, A 3 hour flight. Thanks to their no frills (No luxury) , Seriously, Everyone Can Fly! (especially the rich ones).

The ifam

This is ifam... Er what so interesting about them? well, this is a family of say 8 person inclusive of 6 children. When they arrived at the departure hall, I knew they were international school kids. They dress like one. But that's not all... One by one they start taking out their pods. Ipod Nano, Ipod Mini, Ipod shuffle, and Ipod video belongs to the youngest in the family. Even the mom has one.

Fortunately the whole family got on to the plane a step earlier when they announce "if you're pregnant, or above 50 years old, or bringing small children, please proceed to gate xxx" The whole fam got there. Kiasuism. Things did not help much when I sat just a row behind the ifam. They were eating (its like RM6 for a maggi cup) and talking and watchin x2 on the PSP.

I ended up at the emergency door where the chair can't be push backwards, that's the crazy part. My headache and flu did not help throughout the journey. I tried sleeping, no luck. I find the best place to be on the plane is the toilet. I went there quite a lot of times. and just sat at the covered bowl. That's like the quietest place on the whole plane. Enjoy.

on my 3rd trip there, I notice something odd. It is at the door where I was sitting and looking at

No there is nothing special about this one... It is...

A built in ash tray... on the door!! but hey didn't the flight attendant say smoking in the lavatory will trigger an alarm? what's the tray for then? Which by the way, there are ashes in the tray... Well I took it with my camera phone and I not suppose to on it :P

However, things did not look better on my way back. I was caught with my hand phone on. Again I was trying to get some quietness in the airplane, I forgot to lock the door of the toilet, when suddenly a female attendant open it and saw me there and she stunned she said sorry and close back.

I was checking the time on my hand phone. Without knocking she opened the door once again. I was like excuse me? She then ask me rudely, "Why you having your phone on?" "You know you not suppose to on your hand phone?" "Please switch it off now!" and she kept repeating. I was thinking, can't you wait for me to come out and tell me? 2nd, don't you knock? 3rd Can't you tell me in a nicer tone? 4th thing - Didn't you watch MYTHBUSTERS?? hand phone in the plane affecting the plane system, busted!! ok sure many people did not watch, but that's my ultimate thought!

Bottom line is I will continue to fly Air Asia. Afterall that's how the poor became rich, the rich became richer. But their service, bad. sleep before flying is a must and oh. lock your toilet door before doing anything you really want.

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