tire1 (tīr)
v., tired, tir·ing, tires. v.intr.
1. To grow weary.
2. To grow bored or impatient.

Yea to grow weary... I am sure y'll get sick of me saying I am so tired. "you're always tired one la aiya" Haha I don't know but I guess I grew BORED and IMPATIENT waiting for rest. The sign of me dozing off every moment is the sign I want to sleep.

My iPod haven't being filled everything from the harddisk because I don't have time to play with it. Sad isn't it? Well yea I finally got the 1st batch of DVD out the Code Red of course. I liked it although I want to enhance a little. Not much work involve... So you're done John. Nothing to bother you you can...

REST?!?!?! YEA RIGHT! just went I wanted to write about my achievement in CODE RED my brother 'faithfully' destroyed my comp yet again :) wee... this time nothing much la just manage to crashed my folder with all my original CODE RED files in it. wee~ so fun... come on... here we go again, being tied down to do the DVD kekeke.. nah I don't want to burn from my other disc. Although that would save me trouble but hmmm

oh well gtg I guess won't get it out. I am sorry folks.. maybe not this week. Can't promise you that.

once again back to rest


angeliCassie said...

chill bro john...go listen to "Rest In You"..then you can sleep like a baby =p

joleen said...

i wish i can sleep like baby.

i look like a panda now

angeliCassie said...

everyone looks like panda..it's alright..that's the new "in" look..haha =p