What Drives You?

What drives me? This has been a question that pops out from my head just 2-3 days ago. I haven't been in good terms with people around me. I am too busy working and working and working. People around me just dropped off. I mean I dropped them off.

So I have to ask myself - am I being a complicated leader now? After hearing the sermon by Pastor Brian, its good to think again. So I asked myself over and over what drives me to do what I do? Its no point to drag my feet doing ministry. The youths are like what we says - DYNAMIC

The challenge bar is raised! I not studying anymore, spending time is harder now. Involving in lives are also trickier. But I still do them. Just I need to rethink, how can I be more effective and not tire myself up.

Recently someone says that I should get down to people business. Get involve in people relation. PR kinda thing. Now, I don't do good in PR, I have improved a lot, yes but PR thing is still not mine. However, I think that maded sense. How can I lead the people I do not know? I drag myself to stay awake for sleepover... that's tiring. We had quite a bit of fun. definatetly.

And today I did something that I would not have done few weeks ago. I joined the SEW youths for bowling. All these thanks to the Easter play which Ryan's involved, although I don't talk much to him but at least I know him better. And also we did the play in SEW again, perspective, I see youths.. many youths... so I actualy thought hey cool maybe I can help them out. I seriously want to help them like train them to drum or bass, but I am struggling with time.

I over heard them last Sunday they bowling tonight, for the 1st time I did not ignore that, I see that their quite united. I like unity. So Joe asked whether I want to go or not. I said sure. althought I hesitated a while cause I am really tired from sleepover, but sure we went anyway. From the youths, Deborah, Steph, Felicia, Charis and Amy were there. Didn't want to play at 1st but then see them like so syok might as well la right? since I am there.

My lane was like Steph Joe and Unc Kia Li... haha but it was faster than the other. Seeing some PROS play is not funny. I was so tensed up 1st few rounds and people kept shouting.. PK do it -_-! but erm over all it was real good. Aunty Amy and Unc Oliver so good. But Uncle Kialee is superb he strike almost everytime 2nd round. The rest felicia was alright. Charis is really funny. made me laugh every throw.. she got like 30 points overall I think. or maybe slightly more hahahaha. Well if Charis playing like lawn bowling, Amy... Let's just say she chose not to play keke.

I got good at the end, got double strike. but I lost anyway. Then they went and pay for the 2nd game... This time my cash is really low. HAHAH. anyway still played, and getting good. stike and spare quite a bit. haha well, you can see the score... the 2nd J is me =)

Then we went and eat some food, got to fellowship abit with Erwin and Samuel. They are really cool people, Erwin is really talkative. Definately. Another time? Sure why not? Spended money, but meeting new friends are something worth it as well =)\

So what drives me? I still do not know. It is probably getting involve in PR? haha that's odd.


FeLiCia said...

haha...din noe dat u could bowl!! at least u beat Steph!! happy enough....haha...

Joleen said...

i am doing people business, get involve in people's life. I don have big bunch of people like you do, i just had a few. But i do learn one thing, people don't care how much you know but care how much you care. Maybe different church :)

Nirhal said...

different church maybe, but same God... =)

i guess a trick here could be - to take PB's words - not waste time, but invest our time.

time is precious - so gotta look n see - is WHAT i'm doing wasting or investing? is WHO i'm spending it with a waste or an investment? am i achieving anything or not?

haha.... tricky!