Follow up on "conned"

To understand what I am talking in this post, go to the label cloud on the right and click on Malaysia. Then you'll see the full picture... but it is a lil mixed up but that's okay right?

I had another reply from Pyramid today.

Dear Mr. Tan,
Your e-mail to our Senior GM, Mr. Chan Hoi Choy refers.
We wish to thank you for highlighting the incident to us. We have investigated the matter and the guard on duty at the time and location mentioned has confessed to cheating you of the RM 30. Our HR Department has already initiated disciplinary action against the staff concerned.
We would like to thank you again for informing us. We want to ensure that we stamp out the bad apples that mar the good customer service delivered by the majority of our personnel.
Our PR Department will be in touch with you shortly. We hope that you will continue to patronize our mall and give us an opportunity to serve you better.

Best Regards,

General Manager
Retail Operations
Sunway Pyramid Sdn Bhd
. . . . . . . . . .

For the convenience of you, here is what happen, and here is the letter to the GM

Dear Mr.Chan,

I am writing this matter because I have an unpleasant encounter with the car park security guard on 08-July-2007 roughly around 9p.m at level 2 parking.

What happen was I had paid the parking ticket but I have forgotten to retrieve the parking ticket only realising it when I was nearing the exit. I went back immediately but the ticket was nowhere to be found. I then approach the guards who seems to be very helpful, I did not give a 2nd doubt.

He immediately told me that on weekends the lost ticket are charged at RM60.00 I was taken back. He then convince me to wait in my car while he talk to the car park cashier friend of his and after awhile return with a ticket saying he convinced the cashier that he got it for RM30.00 and sell to me for that price. I was in a hurry and did not give a second thought. However when I am about to exit, I saw the back of the ticket and it was written that lost ticket are charged at RM20.00. But I was already rushing off.

I hope that action will be taken for this matter. I know that it is my mistake in the first place and I am not asking for reimbursement, I just hope action will be taken so that this do not happen anymore in the future and I am sure I am not the 1st victim of this case.

Thank you for your time.

John Tan

Looks like I might get reimburse probably :P God is good, in times of good or bad. Now shouldn't I be writing another email to the Government of china, about that 2 girls that conned my Nokia 3300? the 1st colour phone which I bought from Charlotte?

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