2 years and going on

Well it has been 2 years and so this is a time for celebration! I decided to take her out to the curve since there is plenty of food around there, but due to various reasons the jam is horrible. We got there about 8:30 and decided to try out marche.

2 person, pizza, potato, and plenty of cheese (so you can enjoy and spend lessor... top it up with carbonated drinks...) yea yea cheap date I am... NOT! we still manage to spend quite a bit but it is worth it to see smiles on faces.

So less words pictures please yeap. Here the shot.

Here's in the market where you pick the best tatos... erm nope you just order them

Looking good with the sausage. Takes about 15 minutes to cook one. Long huh

The tatos I just ordered with salmon in it. Very very zai to eat that

Her current cravings

Pizza man making my Hawaiian Chicken

It is better than pizza hut. DUH

Just one can guarantee you no need eat for 3 days.

That's all we ordered. Still got a lot left to try but I ate like 5 slices of pizza and a whole lot of that sausage.

Digging in

Of course we got to take a picture of us. Look at what's on her fork. Told you was her cravings. haha. And I have never see myself pulling my mouth that big before.

That's it.

My iPod sadly erm had a face issue. it looks like Nathan Petrelli after Peter exploded. And now seems like I having an iPod shuffle. Just that it is like 30gb of iPod shuffle. Any kind souls like to take my iPod to the service centre?


Rei said...

bra so ngamz, am eating pizza now haha u shud tried the ones in america, 1 piece is enough for 1 meal ok can seriously gain weight btw u shud really get a digicam larz, the food duzzen look appetizing -_-

Christine said...

Nice picture of both John and Joleen =)