Designer Goods sheeesh

Seemed like I did not follow through the bracelet post. Well it is a watch. (For the benefit of those not in physically close to me). Yes so to answer all who questioned "WHY?" do I buy that watch.

1. It is reasonably priced.
2. It looks cooler.
3. I won't get rob because no one knows what the heck is that (even after the lights came on)
4. It stimulate brains to actually count it.
5. High chances you won't bum into another one.

Or simply the fact that it is a gizmo / designer goods that always hit my soft spot. Yes I do have weakness. But the other side of the coin, I actually own some exotic collection of products of handphone, watch, hair wax, etc... To quote someone "functionality if overrated" maybe... JUST maybe it is true...

For now, I am still debating about the camera that I have posted below. It is a true case of DESIGN (left) vs FUNTION (right) Well the difference is not that huge. Which would it be? Seemed like only Rach voted for sony. And the rest despise it. Let the battle follow through.


Rei said...

because I know how to appreciate design.. mwahahha. bra if u get sony please get the black 1. cuz whatever design will be pointless if it get dirtied mwahahha

angeliCassie said...

haha olympus la -_-"

u want camera for what?