How untechnical are Malaysians

I got my iPod back (new) (again) . Despite the fact that I have to load up the songs all over again. I don't really mind actually. But here's the thing. About the screen burn, I think there is a high chance that I caused it that way.

On one side it might look burnt, on the other it looks as if I press hard against it till it cracked. But no matter, I still don't really know the caused so getting it replaced is good. But Malaysians aren't really smart when it comes to this. They don't really know what's going on. They just look see look see oh ok and replace.

I've got dent marks on the metal plate; had part of the "hold" button chiped off. But they did not ask whether I dropped it or not. NOPE. There are tons of tutorial about how to open up the iPod and get your battery replaced, get your screen replaced; but when I asked them could I get the battery replaced? Their answer was "Nope You got to get a new one"

So that's how I know that my iPod will get replaced again. OHWkay you don't really care do you? ;)


+~Feli said...

lol tub ta tsael u tapad wen dopi 3 semit!

Anonymous said...

ceh.. spend 1k+ for 3 ipods. so not fair.