Culture Confusion

A radio ad goes something like this

"What zit gonna be? The American Way or the Japanese Way?.... .... .... Make this a Malaysian Way!"

Have we lost our culture? Trying to be somebody we're not? YES! The Malays will keep looking at the west for influence from Kurt Cobain rock hairstyle to the recent Jay-Z, Riah-a-a-a-na bling bling / less clothes fashion. The Chinese on the majority hand, prefers to follow Naruto and all this Japan. Just few hours ago, I saw a Chinese dude with super styled up hair like Final Fantasy kind of hair. That is probably an hour wasted daily styling.

Who are we? Where do we come from? Have you have friends that goes overseas and come back with a different accent? And you'll hate it. It's like "dude... don't pretend to be them. You aren't them". Its true, no matter where you're born, or how american your english sounds like, your skin is still the same. Sorry!

Which put me to wonder... Do the westerners in turn envy us asians? And tries to be us? Hmm

Just recently I went into debate with rachel about our friend who gotten a few hours of fame on astro. She absolutely despise astro. Very "song" very "chinaman" if you want to call it. Which I agree. But then again, this is our culture. Being song can be a cool thing. HAH!

I use to dislike Malaysian songs, because they aren't nice. Very cheezy. It is like I don't know how to explain, I listened to many worship songs and seriously non of them clicks. NOT a single one. Maybe I already had this mindset about them. Then, I begin to change my point of view. I began to accept the fact that we're who we are. CHINESE! or MALAYSIANS

That's when I began to be more acceptable to local music (exp mat rock) appreciating bands like popshuvit, one buck shot... etc and who can NOT like Jason Lo's old newspaper song. I feel that song is one of the best local music ever! Immediately it clicked. We've got something no other country has. We got all these cultures that passed by us everyday. We got it! the usage of "LAH" "MEH" "LOR" words that NOT a single guai lo that I've encounter could understand such bizzare manglish & singlish.

That's when I took a turn, listen to more local music though some really bad, but still supporting and maybe one day they'll be good. Hope we can all find our place in this world soon. I hope that it'll be the Malaysian way. I end this post with this song written by Jason and Christine. Adios!

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Joleen said...

the song is nice

but can know the lyric?

dono wat they sing :P