Leadership Conference @ Holiday Villa

Got invited by my girlfriend to the annual leadership conference in Holiday Villa yesterday. The conference is mainly for Leaders and the night sessions are free. But all was well as I normally attend things like these until someone asked me. "Which centre you from?" I was like hmm "I am from other church." "Are you planning to join HOPE?" "er -_-"

Well it was great teaching stuff, I was a little too exhausted for the night as I did not have enough rest. But nonetheless, it is great teaching for leaders. Simple, Effective.

But what I liked was the worship... It reminds me how it felt like to worship... (YES HPA we have lost 'worship' a long time ago') There aren't loud, fancy, trendy songs to sing. Just a few familiar songs and that's it. Worship kicks in. It is the heart of worship. It is the attitude of people when it comes to worship. Everyone just worships. It is hard to keep quiet. Once you're in. All you want to do is open your mouth.

I know worship is not about the songs singed, not the music play etc etc etc its about the lifestyle. But yet even the simplest of form of worship (singing) we can't achieve sometimes. There is a spiritual deadness. Dragging our feet trying to beat the service time. Hope the next song is the last worship song, sit through service and dash out the door right away. Is this the life that we're living? Routine based Christians?

Week in week out hearing the same jargon - "let's move on to the next part of service" or "God is here" became deaf to the ears and while it(church) suppose to be a charging station on weekends it is not so. It looks as if the charger's is plug into the socket yet the switch isn't turn on. As I see it, everyone is just sitting in the charger dry and empty and hope someone turn on the switch. "Well its not my responsibility to turn on the switch" or "Let someone with more energy turn it on" is more of a common term.

Change is what we need. A change from the inside out. A change bottom up is possible. Don't point finger at people living upstairs. Remember the main switch box is always at the ground floor. What's the real deal of Christianity? What are we living for? Are we ready to change or are we living in our small space of comfort. Which is stronger? Gravity or Heaven?

So we have a choice to make. To stay as it is, or to move on and change. Let's bring worship back. Let's bring revival back. Let's turn on the switch.


fangz said...

the HOPE part is very HOPE -_-

Joleen said...

aiyer don accuse us :P its jus our nature hehehehhe