New Year Buzz

So what's happening this chinese new year? Well beside the fact that more and more people are hogging around in Kuala Lumpur, I guess that's about it. I did not have any mood for this new year. But what has become of us all Chinese being loosing our own very culture?

After my short reunion dinner, I went to Starbucks with a few friends and at 1st it was all quiet and only a few people were inside Starbucks. Then more and more humans begin showing up at Starbucks, not just any human but CHINESE!!! not just any CHINESE but uncle uncle and families!! in Starbucks on the reunion night... Wow

On the 1st day of new year, the new chinese flick CJ7 and Kungfu Dunk came on air at the local theaters. And guess what? YES more CHINESE! and not just any CHINESE it is also full of 70-80 years old grandpa and grandma also come watch movies. Like where is the mood? MAN! In contrast, the shops were mostly closed in shopping centre... Hmmm

I myself am lazy of visiting people. I guess I don't know... I rather sit at home and rot this holiday. But then again I feel guilty of doing so. I only received a few ang pows - my parents and Joleen's parents. But other than that, I have not been to anyone house. Hmm I guess I better get myself outside there shopping for stuff. YES I am that lazy!

Well still.... HAPPPY cny NEW YEAR!@

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