Cheap China Goods

I finally got my hands on one of the gadget that I have eyed on for a very good few months. A gadget that is useful and creatively build. Ladies and gentlemen, I present to you... GORILLA POD!!

I know I know so what is so special about this 3 legged thing right? well it is a camera tripod and the best thing is it GRABS on to anything like gorilla hand so that makes it useful for trips and you don't have to take a large tripod with you.

Well hard to show you la. But here's the best part. I found this one at ACE hardware that cost erm RM20 well it is a rip off la of course from the original maker which cost RM100 lol SO God bless China for constantly ripping up stuff so we can afford here. HAHA

Which I think this can make camewhoring skill goes up a notch... right -.-

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