Make it or Break it

Well it is already 8 of March. This 2 weeks has been interesting for me as I have been blogging almost daily about campaigns and can also consider myself as a "underground" videographer nyak nyak of DAP and PKR.

Some say I am pathetic because I actually been to all 4 DAP ceramah, 1 PKR ceramah and heard numerous speakers heard Hannah for 4 times. If I am a hardcore my dad is hardercore... He had been to equal amount or more ceramahs, I guess 1 or more walkabouts with Hannah, join pastors as they went to have a pastors forum with Anwar before election. Help Loh Seng Kok out though he is in BN but he is the only Chinese who fights for us yet sideline. So yes to say I inherit from my dad I guess is a correct statement.

Hannah ended the ceramah today perfectly. I don't know what to say. Her tone of voice not as stern anymore... It began as she brought a little girl up on stage probably 9-10 years old. That girl wore the "vote for hannah" shirt. She told the crowd, I have already done my job by inspiring young people. Small kids. Infact, I am sure she has inspired a lot of adults as well. I for one has been inspired a huge amount.

Beginning of election I just say vote DAP end of story. Mom has always said don't go politics. All politicians are dirty. Now I know many people landed on this blog after a search from google. a lot of keywords made out of "hannah yeoh christian" hannah yeoh church" Well I don't have an answer to that. All I know is that she went to school of acts. How I know? Because jie jie Joyce knows her and that day Pastor Raymond Mui spoke in ceramah.

Hannah is truly making an impact by playing by the rules, playing clean, playing well. And she did a good job. In the end she can go up there and there is no prawn behind the rock and don't have to be afraid that she'll loose her power one day. I never expect at all young people would step up. If you ask me now do I want to forsake my job and run a service center? I still at the moment will say NO. So for her to say YES is truly something to me.

So it is this. BN or BR I can't wait till 7 tomorrow I guess I will wake up early and vote and be restless for the rest of the day. It is like world cup you know... seeing underdog challenge brazil or something. Whatever it is. May the best winner wins

Who is Ong Chong Swen? I really don't know who BN candidate is. All I know is that she is a Amway Diamond never heard anything of her.... sorry mdm Ong. And Ah Beng, don't mess with don't play with fire lest you get yourself BURNE!

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oh so that's her name?good to know..