PKR ceramah...

Wee.. tonight I went to PKR ceramah and the setting were so different as different race join the fight. The setting tonight were those of like small meeting held in Kampung Kampung instead of big rally type and I though that's pretty relaxing. Speakers include... Haris Ibrahim, Irene Fernendez, Nathaniel Tan (The kena ISA guy) , Hannah, and of course Gwo Burne himself. I never got a chance to hear Gwo Burne out as I can't linger any longer after 11:30.

I only manage to record Haris Ibrahim, Hannah. For those of you who want to go ceramah but no chance... hehe

Haris Ibrahim

Hannah Yeoh

I like this new video by y4c... y4c rocks hehe


fangz said...

the person who commented on the previous msg sounds like u'all are spy doing undercover work what. too dramatic larz

He sounds like a teenager fighting for his idol or sth.

Is he driven by the heroic-feeling or what.

Glampot said...
John, pls ask ppl to support and sign this petition. Cheers! FOR A CLEANER ELECTION!!

:: J o h n :: said...

Haha we're underground spice hehehe... we're working secretly shhhhh... teenager can't vote la hehe

fangz said...

eh sounds like those underground spy during the Japanese occupation mwahaha

I dun really mean he's a teenager larz