My Thailand Trip

Well, I was about to post an image but I guess I will not since I have lost touch with writing as you can see all my recent post are image and videos. So junkie la!

Allow me to clear some stuff on why am I going to Thailand since I have yet to explain it. NO it is not company trip, it is not holiday(partly it is) I am going for a camp in Thailand and yes I am following another church. Yes Joleen's church. I don't really have much time to explain much for now.

Their church which is called HOPE of GOD and they have many churches all around the globe about 100 countries I think... And it all started in THAILAND. And so this is the time every year they'll have convention and all and HOPE people from all over the world will come to Thailand for this. I am just tagging along and see if I can curi some stuff? HAH!

The camp site is pretty far away from Bangkok its like 6 hours bus >.<>> If it cost nothing I can blog using that WOOHOO... someone please let me know if it works yea! Btw Joleen has this cute drawing on her blog so go peek!

Oh! and based on the poll survey, keychain and snacks are tied. so I shall get 50-50 I mean if ever snacks are worth buying... maybe they have fried lizards, cockroach and all I'll try k.

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