Narnia - spoiler warning

Hmm many would find it interesting and awesome and nice, I myself find it a little boring maybe childish. Anyhow it is still better than the w.l&w maybe it is because Disney came in and produce this one together with Walden

But I must say, the Christian themes are much more prominent and in this one how one when grown up - Peter & Su beginning to rely more on themselves rather to rely on something that is unseen (in a question of faith) in this case the lion and how we are always being tempted out of anger and greed of power (when the witch which seems to be a shortcut to end all problems but we all know that there will be consequences right?)and of course Lion always save the Day when we go look for him and ask for help.

The actors have not improves from the 1st movie maybe they are brits that's why. And Caspian? overated leng chainess... yea yea all prince must be handsome that have ugly stepmother. I am rather disappointed that the show is more on the 4 kids rather than on Caspian though; After all this is name after him right? and what's up with that love between him and Susan? They just did not capture it that well then they should not kiss at the end. lame.

The CGI were much better. The only part that I like the most is of course the leaves became human like and danced around Lucy the rest and of course the part where they have trees to fight for them is cool as well. The fighting part were cool.

But all in all I feel this is a kid's show so they might probably love and adore the lion. (Which kid don't like a lion?) After all this movie follows much of the book and the book is a children's novel so of course it is best suited for kids. Anyhow Narnia is much deeper than that and it is not like it can preach by itself. The book and the movie just seems too loose to me.

Maybe I am like Peter and Susan, having lost the joy in Narnia and will be ban from entering Narnia.


fangz said...

the first one was also very childish larz like the kindergarten version of harry potter but I was very touched when the lion dies okay damn sad (ToT)

Anonymous said...

you have lost the child-likeness. thinking too deep. the gospel is best presented when it's simple. lean not on yr own understanding.