MIFC 2008

Yes over the course of few days at Putrajaya, The Malaysian International Fireworks Competition took place (to attract tourist, unfortunately all locals) I went there 3 times this year to try shoot, but all different location and the best location is got to be China. Alright no explanatory is needed I think.


Comment on Malaysia: Just like our country is, Malaysia is very messy. They looked like they just threw everything they rampas from Kastam Haha...


Comments on China: My favourite spot to photograph by far for MIFC. On fireworks, Very Organized, Would like to have a little more variation but maybe they used up everything for Beijing 2008. Haha


Comments on Spain: By far according to most is the best this year. I couldn't agree more. If not for the clouds and super strong hurricane, we would have enjoyed it more. We were in Cyberjaya which means we are tad far away. I no have zoom lens could not compose that well. (You can see from the 1st Spain shot how far the fireworks is from the bridge) So I cropped out the fireworks big big for you. Nice?



angeliCassie said...

waaa bro john..awesome shots you got there =)

frachely said...

I heard that they have this in Canada as well and China ALWAYS win except for this year maybe they were too focused($$)on the Olympics.that's what everybody says haha

Joleen said...