Something Awesome

Someone please knock my head... Now I know why I stick to a layout so long. It is because BLOGGER just have a stupid backend. It is so hard to relayout my thingy. Gosh.

Well anyway, a lot people have ask me what is something awesome happening. Let me present to you... my new layout!!! inspired by wow its a rainbow... No, I am just kidding haha.

I love the header design. Hmm something not my style and I am still keeping to the simple feel. Why I changed my layout, I got bored of white. =)

I have somemore stuff to put on the sidebar but currently too bored of layouting in blogger So I'm going to add it in bit by bit.

But hey, let me know what you think~

Awesome. Another thing off my chest. Now, to clean my room... Right


angeliCassie said...

wow it's a rainbow!-_-"

but seriously very nicely done..haha i like the profile pic =) good job bro john

Gryp said...

Thank You!

Felicia said...

nice nice... =D

Gryp said...


Joleen said...

nice nice, thanks for still using the icon =)