Obama / McCain? and their campaigns

UPDATE: And Obama takes office...

Today erm is voting day for the Americans after a long long long campaign by Obama and McCain while most people in Malaysia don't care, I think it is important to know who will win and what they represent.

While I love Barack Obama from the start I got to say I soon change my point of view. While I love the fact that he is the first Black to become president, I also know what he stood for. He stands for freedom (change) and this is what the Americans want change. But he also stood for a free-ier society... Looser law like the biggest issue... legalizing homosexual, abortion etc. etc....

McCain on the other hand is from the same party as Bush (yes George Bush) and you can immediately know that they most likely are not going to win. And over the few months on the internet you seen people lashing out against Sarah Pailin (McCain's assistant) especially teasing her and her Christian faith so much so I've heard and seen radio pranks on her.

Well these are some of the images I got from the net over the past few months. I love their campaign actually, but they are very cruel. Still great thinking. note: I DO NOT SUPPORT OBAMA!

from gumelection

from http://www.patrickmoberg.com

from tiffany tumblr

from http://www.adennak.com/blog/wordpress/

from tiffany again

Ahaha and more but I lazy to put it up here. Hmm why are all the picture in favour of Obama?

So far Obama is leading even though McCain has more vote, Obama actually have more towns voting for him (just like malaysia lah. you know byk kampung vote = more seats in parliament right)

It is good to know because many countries look up to USA to lead the way and depend on them. If they start legalizing homosexual, abortion imagine la what it does to the whole world right? Follow only lor. It is as if the current situation is not bad enough. It's like adding more crime to crime.

So pray for America
God Bless you America


Allen Tan 陈亚伦 said...

Obama wins will be fatal to christianity.

But the Non-Malays in Malaysia hope that he will win. Not the Malays, Obama wins will bring embarrassment to their Ketuanan Melayu.

If Obama wins, the Chinese will say that it is possible for a Chinese to become PM of Malaysia.

If Obama wins, the Indians will also say that it is possible for a Chinese to become PM of Malaysia.

frachely said...

i saw the analysis apparently most ppl who voted for Obama are below 30!