This the season to by jolly...

Update: See P/S

Falalalalalalalalalalalalala. Yes Happy Xmas, May Santa and his Santarina brings you gifts from him elf on his sleight flew by rudolf and his reindeer.

Yes the entire message there is left in Christmas is all of the above. Its getting hard to remember why we celebrate Christmas. In church we have sang a total of two(2) carols. That is far lesser than the falalalala played in shopping malls. No sermon was preached on Christmas yet. Are we all too familliar about the stable story?

Presents were shared here and there different races now celebrate Christmas. For the reason as same as Santa Clause existance or the reason why aetheist now believes in Christmas... Shops slash prices, hotel gives out huge discounts. Many reason to clear their yearly stocks.

The only time I remembered that Christmas is nearing is when I patron the shopping malls and quickly was reminded that it is snowing with fake snows, trees adorn with jewels and Fat man walking around dressing red.

Yet some are still stressed out over the biggest event, trying to reach out. Well to them, I envy you because here, We only celebrate Christmas according to the calendar instead of whole year round.

So erm Santa Clause, remind me why are we celebrating Christmas again? Is there nothing more to celebrate than just a jolly season?

P/S - I purposely used Xmas for the 1st line to show what has Christmas became. I wonder how many really know what all these means. I am glad at least one person who read this does. =)

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Joleen said...

lol, u mention about who? I do not like to have santa during our caroling.. But.. lol.. nwm