Happy Chinese New Year

Hello all,

I know you've been sending messages all round but I can't reply as I am out of town. Country actually in Bangkok and dangerous. No maybe not dangerous.

I've been to many many many markets and many complex and many stop at the train station and rivers yes incl the floating market for the past 3 days and I am tired! New year here ain't a big deal even if they are so near China and Malaysia. Thailand don't really care about the world outside. It is odd being here on a CNY

The only heavily populated Chinese infested area is probably China Town. Its humongous and definitely you can't finish walking in a few hours. The merchants are Chinese, their signboard has Chinese words they cook Chinese food yet many do not speak a single Chinese word.

I was patronizing a Siam Paragon yest and there were lion dance shows but its so weird that I almost scream at them. Its like they created their own rhythm that sounded more like techno music their lions have ugly faces. Real ugly and they seems to dance randomly rather than following steps.

I ate Chinese food for dinner at a Chinese restaurant those really big restaurant that say "jui heng jao ka" but heck none of them speak any of Chinese dialects. But many families eat there for reunion I suppose.

Its easy to tell Chinese from non Chinese during Chinese new year. Just look out for their dressing. Many of them dress up in cheong sam or some red shirt with Chinese design of it and that's it for the day. They seems to be contented with that and they have pass their new year. I guess it is like dumpling festival to us. Just weeezing through

Oh well. I am certainly tired and am saying goodbye to Bangkok and head towards Pattaya tomorrow. Its a long journey there and I suppose I am not gonna online until I get home. Peace Out!

Gong Hei Fatt Choi to all yea! May your new year be filled with more Ramli Daging Speacial, Kobe Beef, Double cheese burger, Prosperity burger cheese, nau yok fun and everything cow.

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