The lost of memory is a scarier than you think

Ok. I know many are in daze of confusion. I too have am pretty confuse over this past week on how things are working out and it seems like I am in a dream.

Coincidentally on Saturday I shared from the pulpit that we must start the year with a BANG! and truly that night itself it started with a BANG! But it wasn't that kind of bang that I intended to have.

I received 2 messages on Saturday from my girlfriend one of them say "I dono what's happening" and the other "I Can't remember anything! What Happen!" I replied and got this message saying she's in hospital and she don't know who she is. My immediate reaction was that she was drugged. She don't know who she was when I called her and her dad is like in a distant. Later I came to know that it was an accident. She had a concussion. I was awake till 2-3 reacting like how I would react in movies trying to be calm.

Things got worst when she woked up at 5am and smsed me asking did she lose her memory. I was like what? you just did came back concious and now you lost your memory that you were in hospital and all... Later that day she came back to memory and everything although still scared but showed a lot of courage. And thank you everyone for praying. You can read more about what happend next in her blog

But what is even more bizzare that was how God worked. She was completely unharmed. No blood, No broken bone, CTscan is completely fine. I was restless I had more trauma and I am usually not a very shaken person. However I find peace in church. I find peace when I played the guitar later that day and sang.

And the thing about this was I had this feeling that an accident will happen to her the whole weekend she's away to Kedah. I don't know why but somehow the Holy Spirit was warning me something. But the sad thing is I ignored it. I just thought to myself that it must be something stupid. But little did I know that whoa I have spider sense.

Jokes aside. Life is precious. You never know when it last. Treasure each moment before its too late. Cliche? You bet, but it is true as well.

Anyway, she's alright now. Praise God. Thanks for praying everyone! I am truly touched.


angeliCassie said...

yeala bro john i was scared too -_-" but thank God everything turn out well =)

Joleen said...

erh .. my shepherd said she sense something too when im in Kedah lol!! She did pray before the accident happen

Allen Tan 陈亚伦 said...

It is always good to pray every morning to commit the day to the Lord. Lord, lead us not into temptation but deliver us from the evil one.

Pray that the Lord to put a hedge, ceiling an floor of protection to seal us and our possessions 100% whole. Lord, put a wall of fire around us and our possessions.