I am almost 24 hours away from flying to Bangkok. Yes I am flying to Bangkok. Sorry for letting so little people know and its almost like news to you all that I am flying.

Yes I am flying and its seemed like I had done enough reading and planning but at the same time I felt everything was very unplanned. So I got 2 choice. Work out a complete plan or go with the flow. I guess at this point of time, I'd go with the flow.

Thing is there's a lot of attraction in Bangkok but they are either statues or they are 'tiger' shows. Afterall that's what Thailand's famous for. This time round though I am not going to rush through things and make sure everything got done.

I am excited. Because I need some kind of break away from my land but I know I am going to miss my land and my people but I really need to chill it off. So good bye and

Gong Hei Fatt Choy! (Not sure how fatt can you get with this economy downturn but still... )

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