Bangkok: Tourist or Traveller?

They both have the same meaning don't they? Whether you are a tourist or a traveler, you travel and people of their land will view you as tourist. I was in the middle of a dilemma while traveling. Is it good to research or not to research before traveling? Like reading lonely planet books, turning on to 'travel and living' channel and read tons of blogs and see plenty of pictures before flying.

There's pros and cons to both the situation. If you know less, you'll be surprise more. If you know more, you'll be less cheated. I did a balance on both and I've traveled on both situation where I was completely taken aback (Bali, Sydney) and this time I am going as an researched traveler. I don't quite like it as I think I've over research yet at the same time, there's just so much more to be explore and seeing different culture is always an eye opener.

Probably that's why I preferred to travel in 3rd world countries going into the everyday lives and not stick at the malls and buy LV bags because out of the malls only you get to experience some excitement and leave you amazed at various things. That is what made traveling memorable.

This time I am back in Bangkok but with a different/better camera and ready to rumble. I've bought more scenery than product. Alright enough of talking. Lets get to the pictures. This are scenes in which I do not know where to categorise but they are around and near the hotel.

The bird.

That's me and my brother and some middle east people trying to fit into my camera.

It's been awhile since I flew in the morning. Every time only fly at night because of work. Love the clouds.

This is the hotel I stayed at Ibis Sathorn. 3 star I think. Abit higher class than hostels, it is totally comfortable and reasonably priced. I used to choose and select. Totally awesome site. Thought their agency fees are a little high but it saves time.

View outside my room on the highest floor - 7 floor. Love the 7-11 nearby. Why? Coz it is near. There are also some internet cafe's beside it. Cheap Rm 3 per hour

The hotel at night. Pretty mordern design and interior unlike those grand grand hotels

Me and my bro's room. It is real small alright. Just nice to walk around and not dance around. But comfortable and they have a LCD TV with 80 channels. Although 50% of them are in Thais

Personal taxi outside the hotel to help you get to your destination faster amidst all the jams. They do line up so it is a 1st come 1st serve. Nope never got on one.

Typical morning scene footsteps from the hotel. Morning stalls. One shop sells good beef noodles.

Morning stall and another 7-11. They love 7-11 they have like probably 3 in a walking distance.

The usual jam everywhere in Bangkok especially work hours. But surprisingly they cleared faster than our jams here. Hmm.

Gay cut anyone?

Yes Black Canyon Coffee is indeed from Thai

Some cute cafe's signboard that obviously caught my eye

Lights on some sort of building. Totally awesome. I also notice that Thailand ppl loves vibrant colours and loves to put all 7 colours of the rainbow together. Like in the pictures. Everywhere you go they sell COLOURful stuffs.


frachely said...

colorful stuff, wait till u see my thai airlines photo. walao, blinding.

eh use asiarooms lar very cheaper.

:: J o h n :: said...

Blinding. I am sure. The only time I feel sane was at their mall... haha the rest of the time is colour overloaded

frachely said...

HAHHAHA i just realised i wrote 'very cheaper' HAHAHAHHA

just now i wanna type what's that but ended up typing what's what HAHAHAH -_-

jayjayy said...

i LOVE your airplane wing shot!
it's gorgeous
gj john, keep it up! :D