Malacca 2

Alright, I'm BACK!

In continuation with the previous Malacca post, Yeah they rest of them went shopping for cheap clothing (what you expect? Girls wert) I went play disappearing game. (As usual, I love to disappear alone) And I went on a shooting spree.

Having had enough of Jonker St. I venture into one of those alley that has a name but we'll just refer them as off Jonker St.

In no particular order

Nice 'Luck' design on window

Regular old bike

Old air conditional

Blue window on faded wall

Old houses

Crawling plants

No entry sign

Random alley

No dump rubbish sign

Random old alley 2

One of the street that was walking on - Jalan Tukan Besi. It means blacksmith's road

Bike repairer

Ever wonder what happens to all those beca that breaks down? They get repaired at Raleigh's!

Before there were geared bikes

A few uncle looking to buy some erm I don't even know what

Abandoned green stall by the alley

Narnia beyond


Old uncle woking on some pot. Yes he is situated in Lorong Tukang Besi

Sadly, my solo exploring trip was cut short. I only spent about 10 minutes wondering around. The girls have done shopping. And it was time to head to our camp. I walked so far that I almost didn't know how to go back to where they were. I love self exploration. It is packed with danger and 'you never know what you'll get' moments. Rather than boring Jonker which appears everywhere these days.

We went to camp right after that and that will be in my next post.

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frachely said...

I like the blue window photo! took lotsa windows in Italy as well mwahaha random alley looks nice too

AND BTW that word is not "LUCK" la! that's "fu' la, good fortune!