I got the king of phones. And I've been playing with it ever since hence lack of blogging. I do hope they come out with a blogging app for blogger though.

Although I know one day I'll own it, It came faster than I thought! Ever since watching the keynote when they have launched it way back in march 2007 in San Francisco when Steve Jobs presented it. It was all WOOOOOOO and WAAAHHHH

Watch the rest of the parts yourselves.

Why do I want one? It is simply because it is the King of Phones and everyone tries to be it. Don't believe me? try google iPhone symbian theme ahah! Those with express music nokia namely 5800 all have iPhone theme installed in it.

It is truly reinventing the phone because no other company has yet to stepped up to apple's game.

I've get a lot of comments from friend who knew a friend who owns an iPhone saying the iPhone is nothing great. Nothing special, it's boring etc. Most of the time it deals with limitations of the iPhone itself.

That's all there is in the box. I would say it is very basic compared to what Nokia gets. Plus the earphone (with mic) which I gave it to Joleen along with my faithful 5th Gen iPod Not all that useful. The silver pin lets you remove your sim card.

Apple is so smart that it creates a phone for stupid people. Because they want to generate more income! For example, you can't use your 'MP3' as your ringtone, you got to use itunes to 'create them' and then purchase it for USD 99 cents. How lame!

However, to a power user, tweaking of file extention let's me create my own ringtone for free. Bwahahah!

The thing I love most is the Apps that developers create. Some of it is so innovative that it is really wow. Not to mention again, most of it is Freeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee! Who don't love free apps?

some need to pay at USD 99 cents. Way cheaper than a lot of other phone system's app and I don't need to hack it (a plus).

Ok so smule and minigore isn't exactly free I got it for 99 cents!

My current fav game is of course the leaf trombone from Smule. Which some of you already know. I totally already master the easier songs now moving to more harder songs.

Check out the leaf trombone in action (not me of course)

Most stuff found on app stores are quite erm stupid which is why it is better to do it base on review or the 'free version'

It's great that Everything is found under one roof (another plus)

Oh I checked out Run Keeper too. That's erm the last app icon up there! It's sort of like a GPS tracker and it has a free and pro version. I did a jog the other morning using that and it absolutely rocks. And its gonna be another favourite!

The best part is that it loads your data online.

Shows a map of your trail, shows the speed (bottom graph) where you ran the fastest and of course it will compare each time you run!

All these absolutely free! The pro version 9.99 adds voice over to the app like it will tell you are you better than your previous run, how many more KM to go etc etc. Kinda like the NIKE+ but cheaper.

That's it for now. Maybe I'll do an update later after I get bored of it. But maybe I will never will. I am still a kid deep down somewhere...


Joleen said...

small kid john lol

♥~kimmy~♥ said...

wah lao.. u so slow la.. most of my church members here owned one ady.. free somemore.. no la.. with plan la.. but still.. haha..

too bad i juz changed my plan.. n my bro took the new phone.. wuahaha..