Wo. Dude.

1) Haven't watched it
2) Didn't really see trailer
3) Aunties are interested in it and talked about how the world end
4) Monday night sold out (More than Micheal Jackson?)
5) What's up with that?
6) Spoiler for you guys. The world will not end by flood says God!

*** Update
Like seriously. I can't buy tix today and yesterday. Something that haven't happen before. I always able to buy tix. what the heck.


Debbie Soh said...

I am watching tomorrow haha..
they say it is not just the flood. but everything... all happened one by one...

jennlow said...

wow! Rare...already got my tix, earlier than John Tan! Rare giler! :p

frachely said...

go IOI lar. from my past experience they will definitely have it wan haha