Goodbye Blog... (Jumping Ship)

After 3+ years with 620 post on it. (That's averagely 200 post per year) It's time to bid farewell.

Blogger has been an awesome platform because it is google's but as much as I like it, they functionality of the basis of blogger greatly limits designers. No, it is still possible to design over it. Just harder.

That's why I am jumping blog platform to something I've discover and love more than a year plus. Tumblr. The reason why I contemplated to jump only after so long is because it used to be slower over in tumblr.

They kept updating their system and blogging tools till now it is superb to be used, easy to design and very easy to love. =) If you're linking me you might want to change your links to

What will become of this site? I know not, But this will be here to stay because my memories have been in here for 3 years. That's kinda a lot and I am sure google does not mind my blog being here =|

So see you guys over at the other side.

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