I should be partying. instead I am working. Many people like Jenn Edmund have taken the rest of the year off to erm do nothing. I on the other hand am stuck in office.

It's the time of the year you feel depressed because it is ending. No not really. Just the holiday period is making me very reluctant to open my work. But I still have to.

This is my 3rd post of the day. Of course I felt stupid about the previous 2 post so I did not post it. I have no heart to blog now as well.

Maybe it's just me. Maybe it's Monday blues.

Well I guess to the people of Pandora, blue is nothing.

Speaking of which, It's rather alright show. I love the glowy stuff and the beautiful night life of Pandora, but watching it reminds me of.... "I Jane, you Tarzan"

I guess it sucked to be release before surrogate. Because surrogate sucked. haha.

I kinda hope this day would end earlier

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