Goodbye Blog... (Jumping Ship)

After 3+ years with 620 post on it. (That's averagely 200 post per year) It's time to bid farewell.

Blogger has been an awesome platform because it is google's but as much as I like it, they functionality of the basis of blogger greatly limits designers. No, it is still possible to design over it. Just harder.

That's why I am jumping blog platform to something I've discover and love more than a year plus. Tumblr. The reason why I contemplated to jump only after so long is because it used to be slower over in tumblr.

They kept updating their system and blogging tools till now it is superb to be used, easy to design and very easy to love. =) If you're linking me you might want to change your links to

What will become of this site? I know not, But this will be here to stay because my memories have been in here for 3 years. That's kinda a lot and I am sure google does not mind my blog being here =|

So see you guys over at the other side.


They say internet penetration increase by 30% wor.

Stop limiting on youtube la please la streamyx

I think they not stupid. In fact they very smart. Youtube website itself is not slow and if you call them they will say. Mana ade? Youtube loading ok?

But they limit the streaming of video. Hence you'll have to wait for like an hour for a 2 minute video.

Why like this you ask? Well, it is because the dun on the pipe big big only open small small for data on youtube video to come in that's why when pipe small small the water come out little little lor. Understand?


Eh mana ade youtube very fast.

This seriously reminds me of Jenn. Sorta HAHA :p Calvin could be me as well. Just saying


My life is always repeating itself.

I serve then I crash, I serve then I crash. It's not because I don't like serving. It is because I feel stupid. Not that I think God is stupid but I feel used. I know we all should be the catalyst and move forward going the 2nd mile. But I feel used. Overused.

The curse of being able to play multiple instrument --> not helping. Good thing though I have a break in worship leading for 2 months. Coz everytime whenever I worship lead sure there's swapping and it's not 1 or 2 person. It's like the 3 or 4 swaps!

For the past 3 times my e-guitarist told me cannot serve. (no I am not angry anymore) what are the odds? Then I have piano swapping. Backup swapping. Drum swapping. Like hello? I understand if u crash a car on your way or something but this is too much isn't it?

Oh sure John is always there because he does not need to have anything to do on Sundays, no trips. no balik kampung, no anything. It's like pop out came the weasel. John will fix it. Ok maybe you don't mean it this way but I feel this way seriously. That's why I feel stupid being serving every week without ranting much but I feel I seriously am very abused. No Joe, it's not you abusing me it's the commitment of the whole team that abuses me.

Yes I know fellas, Not everything is about me. Not everything revolves around me but I find it hard to accept people easily swapped because of selfish reasons. Who am I to complain? Afterall I have a small tiny weekend break next February.

Wait! am I allowed to take that one day break in Feb?



I should be partying. instead I am working. Many people like Jenn Edmund have taken the rest of the year off to erm do nothing. I on the other hand am stuck in office.

It's the time of the year you feel depressed because it is ending. No not really. Just the holiday period is making me very reluctant to open my work. But I still have to.

This is my 3rd post of the day. Of course I felt stupid about the previous 2 post so I did not post it. I have no heart to blog now as well.

Maybe it's just me. Maybe it's Monday blues.

Well I guess to the people of Pandora, blue is nothing.

Speaking of which, It's rather alright show. I love the glowy stuff and the beautiful night life of Pandora, but watching it reminds me of.... "I Jane, you Tarzan"

I guess it sucked to be release before surrogate. Because surrogate sucked. haha.

I kinda hope this day would end earlier

Christmas is it over?

Yesterday we were in Starbucks and we're like telling each other hey! Christmas isn't over yet! Well it certainly feel like it did. I guess it was no more busyness. Wait. I am still busy (As usual -.-)

So today (Tuesday) my mom will be roasting Turkey. I'll be preping for this Saturday and Friday.

Tomorrow I'll be at the airport sending Jo's dad off.

Thursday I'll be at Jo's church watching play Christmas eve play is erm awesome haha.

Friday needless to say is Christmas.

Saturday I have 2 weddings to attend. In which I hope I can go both (Fingers cross)

All these while I am still trying to prep presents -.-!

Blessed Christmas. What's one word (Beside Jesus) you'll describe Christmas?

What OLNF taught me

I have more friends than I though I had.

I've found a lot of catalyst, as well as a lot of whiners. I am pretty happy with the Catalyst though.

Do not look down on promotion and marketing.

Last minute improvisation is good/bad depending on yourself

Everyone wins!

My personal objective is met.

More to come this Saturday youth. I shall go a little deeper!

Selah time

Now that Christmas is over, No wait. Christmas is not over haha. I mean the busyness has pass, it's time to take a break before new year begins.

Now before we break it down, we're gonna need to Selah for a bit.

Lay your weapon down.

Lay your weapon down.
There are no enemies in front of you ~ Jars of Clay.

So we are done with 3 wonderful APYAC conference and boy it took me back to HUGE camps where I was a the age of some of them. I scream as loud as I could in camps I screamed as vibrant as some of them and yet many years later, I wish to tell you that my pals are still hopefully still in love with Jesus, but I can't

I love how the speaker thought us to love and love others. Pastor Julie is a great woman of compassion. Not to boast but I do have a compassion heart most of the time but I have struggled with laziness which we should fix that.

But it breaks me whenever I see the poor, oppressed the unwanted the mentally ill wandering around. But what breaks me even more is when people jeered, sneered and tease and run away from it. Pastor Julie preached that we say we will go to the ends of the world but there are lonely people outside that we can't love. How can we say then we will go to the ends of the world?

I bring it further. There are lonely people IN our own church as well but we are not willing to help them, be a friend, be who we are called to be.

Our youths have been touched during the conference. So did I, but what matters is not how loud we scream or how high we jump or how badly we weep. If we do not love, we have rejected our core purpose as Christians...

And now these three remain: faith, hope and love. But the greatest of these is love. - 1 Corinthians 13