Christmas '05

Well I spend my Christmas period running around ;P It starts of a few nights ago when I decided that finally I should start making cards and gifts for people, So i did and it turn out well haha.

Then last night I went to jo's church, well it was a speacial service and all, they have good vocalist but the band was a bit soft though they are very gentle not use to it =) the preaching was well weirder haha but it is an interesting thought and prompted me to do more research about it.

Then this morning I over slept when music practice time starts then I woke up haha thank God pastor did not kill me.. keke Anyway, bad habit must change. Jo came to my church today, and this is like a SURPRISE to me haha pakat with my student haha anyway after service Everyone just keep passing gifts around and I gave mine away got the sensational joy of giving to people you know Right, but the most expansive gift I have given to is Christine.. U BETTER KEEP THAT it's a joined present with jo, haha and I got a few interesting gifts as well oh well.

After that many of them got their own agenda so me and jo went to watch the promise in summit, well we have to wait for 2 hours for the next screening. So, we bought the tix and then I went and play arcade and I finally pass that supercalifragilisticaspialidocious song haha. then we went and drink for a while, then we saw this pianist who is well kinda blind so we just see him play the piano and that's how we killed our 2 hours!! wow!!

The promise is a very nice show, it is very dramatic and quite interestingly unique unlike the chinese tall story this one is a good show 2 thumbs up haha

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