Gift Xchange

so this year's gift exchange were a little better, although I like to see more action than dirty santa, but it is hard to teach them. although you can still see some pointless gifts like mugs, ceramic angels, candles and of cause there are still some pointless decorative items like the candle holder that I have.

No offence to anyone but I guess sometimes pointless things are quite pointless and of course I can imagine there are some people who don't know what to buy and asked their parents to buy for them instead. This sometimes can mean insincerity or could really be they don't know what to get. But most parents (like mine) stereotype christmas presents to either chocolates or some decorative item that are pointless. This is what they like not what we like. I see a couple of cups today and who want's them?

And the minimum price for the gift is 10 dollars that's almost my mcdonald's meal... I don't like to say this but I don't think some of the gifts I see worth 10 dollars, and my gift have a 7.90 tag on it with a discount sticker. haha maybe it's the wrapper that counts. But I don't know what I can do with it should I keep it? for what use? let me suggest some of the all time favourite gifts if you don't know what to buy...

1) cute cuddely soft toys
2) chocolate (expansive one la)
3) grown up toys
4) some cool stuff

yeah that's it man if you don't know what to buy those are quite ok stuff to buy. because grypers seems to like it other than that.. well yea u know what would happen.. same thing repeats itself

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