On Various Issues

Petrol Price

I think it is really not fair for most of the people that only have average income not to mention the poorer than average income family to afford to pay for the petrol. Since government raise the petrol price, people are complaining, now for a full tank I guess it would be around 80 dollars compare to 60 dollars a few months back. Lower the tax on cars, lower the prices of Msian made cars...

Driving in Malaysia

You keep hearing that we should help the motorcyclist when we are on the road, and people should look out for motorcyclist, but why can't they drive properly, no matter how narrow the space are between cars, they still wants to squeeze and then in turn bang someone elses car, the best thing is to of course fly away...

Are the police eating donuts?

Where are the police? are they eating donuts somewhere? we have so much crime and yet they take their own sweet time to do their things? half of them are overweight how to out run someone that is skinny? there are fearfully rising numbers of snetch theft around... not to mention rape and murder... prevention is better than cure,., where are they??

Hillsong 06

we got the air ticket price that is about 2200 but right now I am still short, after this month, I can pay the ticket, but what about living there? do I have enough to survive there? I hope that I have enough but it seems that i don't.... I am giving up the hope of having an mp3 player because I want to get a good guitar that is solid, hopefully after hillsong I gues...

Spending money

I think it is good to have outflow of money, sometimes we can save and save and then we have 1 million in bank, but don't know what to do with it... it is well stupid!


Anonymous said...

when petrol price increase Najib said this, we as Malaysian should learn how to manage our finance to go through the situation, which where we should learn to be independent instead of dependant on Gorvernment. because gorvernment subsidice certain amount on petrol.

I unhappy reading this article coz .. gorvernment is the one using our money -.0"" and if said they are poor, where are all these fancy cars and houses from the gorvernment ppl get from? from us..


Anonymous said...

instead of saying we depend on gorvernemnt, they are the one depend on us -.-