What Have I Become?

There was a little boy 5 years ago he looked to God and say... God, I will serve you forever... Unlike those working people who put their career highly, I will not do so, I will look up to you forever. I will have no pride because i dislike those that are full of pride and self praising full of self... but down the road what change? did my mind change? did I get smarter... or my wings hardern?

What have become of me?
Fully of ego and pride
Did I take grace too carelessly?
or did i forget of it all?

Where is God when I need him?
Did he gave up too?
That's not what the preacher said...
He say God will never give us up

I have come too far to know
since good and evil are discorvered
Man can live on pride alone
ever striving for the 1st

those race in life
are those that always defeat Christ
"I can live on my own"
says everyone who is happy

when storms arise we cry out to God
when we feel the thorns on the roses
then God exist.. we truly don't deserve it
your grace and mercy and everything else


deliver me out of this darkness
deliver me this cross I am bearing
All of my life I have been hiding
Now that I found you. I know you'll deliver me

- david crowder-

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