the life of an ant

well I feel like I am like an ant... and i don't mean the soldier ant, I meant the working ant... I have not wrote a blog for the last 15 days or less because it was like busy for me to think of writting a blog entry.

Last week i was busy working on the T-shirt project for the fund raising and i have done quite a few options out there and it was modified again and again haha but it was fun doing it because i like doing white shirts... quite a challenge. and then I did not rest after that, instead I was working on the teaser that was up last sunday, and it was a very good launch, but i spend almost consecutive 2 days (if i add all the working hours together) to finish that project, It was a great launch on sunday.

But I did not manage to finish another video project which was given to me which i am all sad because i did not finish it up, which caused other problems for other people and so on sighs.

other than that we worked almost all week long for the fund raising events that are popping up, we promote the car wash project already and the response was very good infact, we already shot our marginal target that was set out to do ... hahah that was cool. =)

now i got to prepare sermon for this saturday... sermon title - i havent quite figure out yet.. hahah


Kimberly said...

Gambateh.. God is always with you.. juz sing the song..

You are my strength when i am weak..

take care..

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

To-b-Pastor John. Ahem.. Calling once..

*i forgot my blogger login & password!*