A many good start.

Last saturday 17/06 my little student finally stood infront of the crowd and co-lead worship, well she is a natural, for a first-timer, she is really out of my expectation, she has a God-given talent to Worship lead I guess, One most people do not have, or it is just her confidence, but all in all I am really proud~ haha. Haven't seen a person like that for a long long time,

She is also going to Woship lead for youth sunday next month, and she is training for it. learning all the way for her. the rest of the juniour band is also doing well, they are better than us well obviously, they have someone to teach them, unlike us... haha

There is also a new admin, she is a malay, she learns quite fast so all I taught was minimum but she can get it fast, and she is also hardworking, well this is her field, not mine haha =) but anyway this friday is my last day working here... well I am glad to leave cause this is really not my passion...

Cassandra is also leaving, she is really URGH.. wanted to frame me yesterday... haha she came into office on saturday, but forgot to off the air-cond and lock the doors, ( champion isn she? ) then yesterday came to office early in the morning, came in and then off the air-cond and lock the doors and then called my boss to tel him that its me that came in early and then forgot to lock the doors and stuff like that... wow.. ISH!! nice try dude, the boss is with me :) or rather, the LORD is with me... ;)

Right now there is much to do with the gryp blogpot, but once it is ready, I'll up date y'all


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