THe time has finally come

alright this is it, after a long almost one year wait, and half a year of storing up for hibernation, the time is finally coming,

Sydney here we come...

Well this entire week i have been shopping and going around and stuff like that, I am really tired from all these shopping around and spending, I spend until I am so scared -_-! anyway things are getting along pretty nicely for once... =) I have been to 1U, pyramid, midvalley, summit, carefour,101 mall, alamanda... haha that's pretty alot aint it?

so what I expect from sydney...
- summer!! haha of coz that's not it, one of the un syok thing is to have to go there on a winter, alot of fuss among us, bringing like for snowing things like that, well yea so that's not cool,

- cool city, well good scene and all hope to be able to enjoy our time there and then take lots of pictures... hope to go around more...

so what I expect from hillsong?
- no idea as yet, But I hope it is inspiring, life changing and stuff like that, but then again, it is just a conference, and life changing starts with us, not with conference and camps and stuff like that, but I still hope that it would be an explosive week there, although world cup final is coming, but yeah.. that's it!!

and hillsong people better be Good!! haha

- and of coz my all time fav delirious is also there =) hope to have explosive week

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