What has gotten wrong

I write this about myself because I have notice that i have lost my cool alot recently, getting more emotional, and all crappy and stuff like that, well the good thing is, I am able to tell that I HAVE A PROBLEM!!! <-- there see that's what I am talking about

This happen recently becuase I beent thinking about future and life and stuff like that it is really grayish, for those that know what I am talkiing about fine, for those of you who don't good that you don't =) welll the storm is coming my way am I going to let it take control or am I able to fly above the storms? haha that's not for me to answer at the moment

but when i see situation don't really go my way, I am awfully struck.. UH well at least the sermon in camp can be apply, the one that talks about forgiveness, don't curse / nurse / rehears and yea things like that..

I have been let down, push down, step on and roll over... by those that are really close to me, over and over again. I am far too weak... yes I am far too weak in this area.. that is well not what I really want .

but then once again I am back to my old habit, what is my old habit? listening to loud music to cure all this angry feeling.. haha. and nope I am not listening to limping biscuit and not the park that links... haha christian music are far much better than all those not so positive music. currently that is on my playing list...

Planet Shakers - Pick it UP
Hillsong London - Jesus Is..

yeap once again planet shakers, this album well it is just like planet shakers la of course but it sounds good. haha i dun know but i am quite ok with it ... this time round..pick it up ladies and gentleman, go get it when i comes out...

and hillsong london has just evolve and their music are so brit now .. well duh they are always brit... and brits are cool... hahah the songs are quite unique and nice of coz.. influenced heavily by brits and brits rock...

oh well this are cheering musics.. until of coz something happen again and I am really broken.. my heart almost seemed that it is made out of glass.. and people always throw stones at it? yea... i will never have peace and i will never have a heart made of a strong solid object... fuuuu~~

If you can use anything won't you use me
take me and break me and mold me and make me
You died for me so I'm living for You


well got a few stuff that are running simultaneous and got to take care of those stuff why I always look like no time?

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Anonymous said...

hei....!!! i don't know tat u have gone through so much..

well.. maybe i long time nv check? I believe tat ur far more than OK now =)