I want a 9-5 job, mon-fri / sat morning, I don't want any stressed up OTs and all those nonsense like that. I just want a job with a stable income.

that's all I need oh GOD...

Find me a job that won't take up my time in serving in church, because that was what I was made to do to serve you. I don't want to be skipping church once a while to meet my deadlines and things like that

I don't want to climb the corporate ladder. I just want to serve you, and know that you'll provide my daily bread.. help me to see that point of view.

Keep my statutes oh God. Keep my feet on the ground, my head in the sky. Deliver me from temptation and let me remember that it is you who brought me into this world, nothing that anyone can do can take me away from what your blood have save me.

Help me to see you as the Miracle Maker, the same One that made the big universe that we have no idea how big it is. keep me oh Lord, keep me.

I have to come to an end. To look at the mountain or to look at the maker of the mountain... God would you help me in my transition to another level of FAITH..



Rei said...

not to kek u bra but... i've got what you want wahahahaaha

Anonymous said...

wuahahah i hope i get wat u wan too keke


Anonymous said...

only receptionist gets to leave at 5...:-P