So.. to on or not to on?

After much 'relax' yesterday after the saddening news that d: is not coming. I lost all my mood to do anything after that. I didn't even open my mouth while I was having dinner which I usually would.

I am not moody because at the fact that d: is not coming down, I am moody at AYA kinda like bringing d: down but sort of like its for a while on and for a while it is not on. And they like saying almost it is on, but then yesterday it was off.

I went out with the guys to Ikea and murni yesterday becuase I lost my mood. My stereo was spinning Access D: but I switch it to radio instead.. after much mourning for that fact, this morning I decided to call AYA to clarify some problems.

I called and the girl was attending to me.. I asked:

J: "Is d: coming down?"
AYA: "It is unconfirm that they are coming down, its their side as well, we're sorting things out"
J: "owh, I bought ticket already, but can I cancel it?"
AYA: "oh don't worry, we can assure you'll have fun in the conference, even if d: is not coming
down, we still have big bands like GMB and many many other big bands"
AYA: "Have faith, and this is in God's hands, and this conference it is going to be fun and it is a
life changing as well"
J: "Can it be transfered?"
AYA: "Nope, just come for the thing, it is going to be awesome and fun and other bands are coming too"
J: "oh alright alright"

WE WANT D:!!! haha well, at least now we see a glimmer of hope~ yea sure. I am not listening to d: for a week though, listen to some other songs, before people calling me a obsses d: freak. which I am not BTW~ they are just cool...


Chin Hoe said...

chill lar bro =)

angeliCassie said...

yea chill la bro john =)