August 3rd

So how did I fill my time recently? haha that's a good question to start off with... well this few days I have been running around, meeting friends, fetching my brother to "learn" his car, Helping Jeff by fetching him while he service his car, prepare for cell... and meeting with Bee and Dan lot of stuff.

But this morning (August 3rd) I was striked by yet another bad news, what's the news? in few months' time you'll know that's all I can & allowed to say, yet I was not really sure my reaction was right? I stand on neither side. but I am just totally norm.

But there's something better that comes my way... Joleen have to go to PTPTN and so I drove her there. PTPTN is located in 1 of the 2 towns that I hate to drive in.. DAMASARA there are exits to everywhere and its all highway... Thank God for google earth for their map.. haha I did research of course but that didn't help much. so I basically "banged" my way there... haha didn't make any blunder errors this time...;)

The thing was quite easy to settle and toke a liltle time indeed. We then went to BSC to find her mom for lunch. haha we were there early so we walked around.. hanging in bookstores then went and find her. She was busy that she did not join for lunch, but paid for us.we ate at DOME.. 1st time i enter DOME didn't know the price there so expansive haha else I would have just go somewhere cheaper.

Had our lunch and sat there and drink coffee and tea for a long long while, which is the thing I like to do on a raining afternoon. or any other time I am free. me and joleen had a long chat and that is really something that I enjoy much.

on the way back it is so early, so we decided to go Glad Sounds to buy the book she wants. I guess she wanted to go watch a movie, but I didn't want to so I didn't say anything beacause there are no good shows on and I am kinda broke haha. sounded like I am really mean...sigh

so anyway we went to Glad Sound and I thought of just going to starbucks to kill off sometime, but she wants to go back.. then we went starbucks. but she didn't want to stay long, I guess she was really bored or something else.. so she went home. I was there waiting for joe and then I had a crazy idea...

I remembered back in those days that I don't own a car, I used to cycle / walk to taipan to Glad Sound, buy a cassette that I like, and went back home. so I did just that, didn't really finish my drink... and I start to walk back.. it wasn't a long journey surprisingly... maybe I grew up haha.. I used to like to walk alone to think of stuff, today was the day I had to think of some stuff. and the weather is nice.

The walk was good, relief me of some stuff really, I found a box of condom too. it still has all the condom in it.. of course I had to throw it away once I picked a rubbish up.. so that "forced" me to pass thru the park.. so I did. and while I was at the park I saw some small kids throwing football and then the ball went up to a roof.. so they asked me help take it down, which I did and that simple deed make my walk worth while.. I feel glad that I helped them.. of course now I am just waiting for my sweat to dry to take a bath.. haha this is a long long post...

alright! adios.. oh ya.. Happy Birthday Cassie!

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angeliCassie said...

hehe brother john..didn't check your blog until now...thanx for wishing me =)