Well, I finally printed the stuff that I want to use for my portfolio, now just need to get it cut and paste and my BAG is going to complete =)

The other day I got into accident, while waiting for Joleen, one aunty banged my car.. POM! I thought my tyre burst ke or ape, but I went out I saw this lady in her 50's looking at the rear of my car, then I know its an accident,

Thank God she banged my tail-light and the cover cracked and shattered. Thank God that she only banged that one else it would be really messy and a lot things to take care off if she had dented or injure more stuff. I got the accident in Klang, that's kinda far away, was in a anxious and stress mood, becuase of a lot things running in my mind,

Came back here, got the stuff fixed and it cost RM250/= The lady haven't pay me as yet so I was feeling really really really ANXIOUS! I fetched Joleen to Cyberjaya for her Cell Group and went to Klang to claim money. The lady was nice, even when it cost that much, she did not really make complaint.

Thank God, that the lady was kind enough to re-imburse that light, I couldn't find the cover, but instead have to change the whole light case, she understands and also like did not make a lot of fuss over it, Else, I would have give in to negotiation, Maybe she is afraid of me or something, or it is just God at work protecting me. AMEN.


Anonymous said...

the ppl jus simply can effort LOL..

Cassie said...

afraid of you?pls la bro john...haha