I ran out of titles.. can't believe that...

So yea a bit of update on my life this past one week... I have been...

1) playing starcraft -_- I know what are the odds John would play that.. but I cheated half the game.. as usual

2) sent in more resume to more companies hopefully they'll call me soon

3) went to hillsongmusic.com and purchase Ps Matthew Barnet's Preaching and I love it! only cost $3.59 so why not right? thinking maybe i'll buy some more... in future that is.

4) I have been listening to a lot other bands now... Jeff Deyo (Courtesy of Jenn) Kevin Max (Courtesy of christian downloads.com) and nope I am not trying to promote piracy, just that its not available here.. =) and I been getting album ideas... that's cool..

5) I am going to preach again.. haha just praying that the Lord will give me some imput..

6) I turn on back delirious yesterday night and that familliar voice was so nice.. so hear.. haha

7) Been to SIB, and Grace for services.. pretty cool place, different culture, altogether awesome..

8) Its gonna rain!!! AMEN!

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Rei said...

"unfaithful" Bra... *wa puikz* ;P