Good Day y'all

Today I am going to post of what I have learned for the past few days, of these weeks I am going to do day by day observation on something weird~

Learning #1
so anyway. I learn quite a bit from doing my portfolio, trying to insert actionscripts (those computer language that make flash awesome). I also visited a couple of website to help me finish up my portfolio. and get inspiration. one of the website... Okay Dave which I think its rather interesting his approach of showing stuff. I watched almost single one of his portfolio...

Learning #2
Malaysia will never ever advance... to a beautiful city.. if Mahathir keep going against the gov, if the gov keep wanting to take over the colleseum, if there are still so much crime in Malaysia, if the police keep nabbing cars instead of snatch theives for RM 50, if those snath thieve continue to snatch, if they keep wanting to close down bloggers that talk a lil truth but then seems false to them, if the illegal immigrants keep running away uncheck, if the guy I saw yesterday keep tearing pieces of paper and throw out of the window of a truck while stopping at traffic light, yes Malaysia is likely still together in the 3rd world country...

Learning #3
I saw this video top gear and I learn about the Pakour for those of you who have heard it, for those who haven't it is a bunch of crazy guys trying to get across town with the fastest time possible. that means jumping off 1 storey high building, climbing on roof to do so. Not only do they do that, but they also do it beautifuly, to me that's amazing.. I always like extreme sports.. this is one sort too.. if you want to know more go check it out - Pakour / free running... ;)

I guess that's it.. haha too free nowadays that i played starcraft.. haha never played it before
coz I hate the game haha

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