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So yea.. was once again picking myself up again and go to watch some movies.. I've watched click twice.. and Lady in the Water once..

As far as I know, both shows seems to be fairly original story line. as much as I like the concept behind click. making it a family movie.. I obviously hate the Animal Planet mating season for the entire show, and the swearing and cursing.

Its a good lesson to teach the modern society what is life really about-family yet there is so much that the kids would learn especially the language.. but what the heck you might say... all american kids does that.. then what about people outside of america? like in asian country...? what happen to the polite and learned man? mayb I am just a lil too conventional?

The lady in the water is an ok fantasy story, just that to compare it with the rest of his movies it is very bad. I like the acting in the movie.. the leading role is very good. Although I prefer to watch the village rather than the lady in the water.. but still I think I've discover that the same lady actor acted in both.. Bryce Dallas Howard.. the one acted as the blind girl in the village and the naft in lady in the water...


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