B Collision

Ok..Ok since jenn has rob my access:D from me, and my comp is too laggy to play it, I have moved on to look for something else,

what else besides Delirious that John would probably dwell into?

well.... I present to you... B COLLISION... =)

This album was 1st mentioned to me by Chin Hoe, that's quite odd as I am usually the CROWDER fan, but yea, I thought it would be forever that this album would reach here, but to my surprise, they reached just a week ago, I bought it, for RM40 ( Yea I know it is expansive, Esp with 7 Tracks only)

B Collision is a sub cd of A Collision, which I think DC*B are quite lame and capable in doing all these stuff, which is Unique to me. Many people think DC*B is weird, but I think they're rather unique... Because they are one weird band that goes beyond just music alone and linking something else to it. pretty much what I like to do, CONCEPTUAL. Linking "the science of collision & Atom Energy" to music, and explain it. wow.

Here goes the story:

They are probably the only band that I would read their CD booklet content word by word. They have a lot of things hidden in the booklet, if you read it you'll get what I meant. in the recent full release, A collision, is written with a frame of christian's view of "death" and in B collision it is a branch off from A, because shortly after A was released, one of their friend died, and in B they sing of hope and it is like a sequence that they are moving forward. how cool is that?

The only problem with B is probably a lot people don't really like Bluegrass, it is genre in the 80's where only banjo and harmornica. like - The Happy Song type. it is really cool. but then again it is me that is weird that's why.

They have written a book too called. Everybody wants to go to heaven but nobody wants to die. in the interview, they say this book is written with the frame of work, Death and Bluegrass, How can you link death and bluegrass, MAN! but both have the similarity, no one likes bluegrass, certainly no one likes death. Now I have said Enough.

If you want to catch a glimpse of what I talking about, come borrow the album for me*


*Disclaimer - John will not be responsible if you really find the songs weird and displeasent to your ears. ;)

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