my JACKET!!!

So yea, I've actually carelessly left my jacket from sydney to singapore, and definately they found it when I reported it, but they say it is in changgi and can I come and collect it,, cut the long story short,

I call them again, and they say they have it in KL. I am like cool... and went and collect it today, since wee ling is flying off today, might as well kill 2 birds with a stone.. haha but anyway thank God they didn't dispose it or anything like that, it is very efficient how SIA works. so systematic.. haha

It was cool, I found a AUD 20 inside the pocket, yea guess how I felt, yey got extra cash.. haha use it for good use. so anyway I have no idea what's up with my choppy writting today, maybe I am tired. lol

So yea we sent weeling off, had a weird talk with the parents too, oh well, just hope that she'll do well in UK and all. and all the best to her.. haha

Adios Amigo

oh yea welcome juping into my blog link >>> go pay her a visit.. hahah..


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Rachz said...

bra most of ur postz start with "so yea.." "so yea.." haha